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BLM5280 centers and celebrates the lives and leadership of Black women and girls, and knows that when poor, Queer, Black women are free, we will all be free.


BLM5280 believes that all Black lives matter, regardless of gender identity, gender expression, sexual identity, immigration location or status, affiliation, profession, ability, economic status, and religious beliefs or non-belief.

Community Agreements


We envision a violence free existence where Black people live unapologetically, and are valued, protected and free. 


We envision a reality where the carceral system has been replaced by an abundance of resources meeting our physical, economic and spiritual needs.


When we free the most marginalized Black femmes, we free us all.


Working with residents and organizations in the Denver metro area, Black Lives Matter 5280 uses a holistic approach to expose, address and replace structures and systems of oppression, including extractive capitalism, white supremacy and patriarchy. 

We seek to build collective power by developing liberatory educational programming, meeting material needs, and creating safe spaces of Black love in which our people can heal and thrive.

Commitment to Community

Mission Statement

1. Justice:  In alignment with the commitment of the national Black Lives Matter movement, BLM 5280  will fight to end the structural oppressions embedded in racism, white supremacy, capitalism,  hetero-patriarchy, and transphobia, that prevent so many from realizing their dreams. We cannot,  and will not stop until the U.S. recognizes the value of Black life.


2. Leadership:  We are committed to ensuring that this Black Lives Matter Chapter is a Black women  affirming space free from sexism, misogyny, and male-centeredness. Thus, we are committed to  modeling and developing compassionate, creative, bold, unapologetic Black women leadership. 

3. Inclusivity:  We are committed to respecting and celebrating the knowledge, experiences and  truths of those who are frequently marginalized and made invisible. We are guided by the fact that  ALL Black Lives Matter, regardless of actual or perceived gender identity, gender expression, sexual  identity, immigration location or status, gang affiliation, profession, ability, economic status, and  religious beliefs or disbeliefs. 

4. Community:  We are committed to centering our work around the needs of Denver’s Black  communities. We embrace and celebrate the immense and beautiful diversity found within  Denver’s Black communities, and are dedicated to using this diversity to  

unite, rather than divide. We are committed to the relationship-building and maintaining the active  community presence necessary to ensure that BLM5280 is connected to the marginalized  communities we serve in an organic and authentic way.  

5. Love: We are committed to doing this difficult work with Black love at the core, keeping in mind  that when cultivated, Black love is inherently linked to a deep love for all who have been  marginalized and made invisible in our communities. We will create a space that models and affirms  a love of Blackness, joy, justice, community, and freedom. 

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