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Opinion: Why too few Black women and girls report sexual violence

APR 6, 2021

The Colorado Sun

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. "As we strive to prevent and end sexual violence, we must start by interacting with survivors in a supportive, empathetic, and trauma-informed manner."

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How Denver's

BLM 5280 became more than just a hashtag

MAR 12, 2021

While national foundations like Black Lives Matter are often in the public eye, it’s the chapters on the ground across the United States that are addressing city-specific issues. Hear from Co-Founder of Denver's BLM5280, Amy E. Brown, about the origins or the chapter and what their work looks like now.

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BLM 5280 talks about Nobel nomination

FEB 8, 2021


BLM 5280 chapter reacts to global Black Lives Matter movement being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize


Now is the time to stand with our community

14 Oct 2020


Now is the time…


 Q&A With Dr. Apryl Alexander: Black Lives Matter 5280 

June 19, 2020


With the recent reforms Colorado has spearheaded, we thought it pertinent to sit down with Black Lives Matter 5280 member Dr. Apryl Alexander to talk about what have been doing right, and where we need to pick up the slack.

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From Moment to Movement with Tamara Banks featuring Amy E. Brown

JUNE 18, 2020


Episode features Amy E. Brown, she is the co-founder of Black Lives Matter 5280 and a community organizer in Denver.

Right now, the US is at a critical point in its history. Millions of Americans are rallying to make their voices heard, particularly, Black Americans. Racism is steeped into the core of this country and now in 2020, a movement has to arise from the ashes of the moment.


Black Lives Matter 5280's Amy E. Brown on Marade, Hancock Criticisms & More

FEBRUARY 1, 2016


Denver's Marade, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., usually attracts thousands of people, who march as one united community from City Park to Civic Center.

But on January 18, the 2016 event was interrupted by demonstrations by local activists, including Black Lives Matter 5280 co-founder Amy E. Brown, who took the podium at Civic Center Park, uninvited, and offered a riled-up crowd pointed criticisms of Mayor Michael Hancock.

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Black Lives Matter 5280 on MLKDay

JAN 18, 2016


BLM 5280 chapter reacts to global Black Lives Matter movement being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize