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Black Lives Matter 5280 fights misinformation in Denver Public Schools’ Tay Anderson case

Media contact:

Kelly Davidson


September 15, 2021

DENVER - We affirm the Denver Public Schools for taking the sexual assault allegations

against board member Tay Anderson seriously by starting an investigation into his reported harmful behavior.

We understand there is some public confusion about allegations and our involvement. While continuing to protect the women who came to us for support, there are some facts we want to make clear:

1. Earlier this year we became aware of a Black woman who said she had been assaulted by Anderson. Through being in contact with her we learned what she needed for her healing. This resulted in our March statement, at her request, and our desire to protect other women who might come into contact with Anderson.

2. We believe in and work through a restorative justice framework. Part of this framework includes attempting to contact someone and address issues with them privately.However, we are also aware that this step cannot happen when the person who has experienced harm feels unsafe. There have been many cases of restorative justice where allowing the accused to obtain prior knowledge of the accusations and control of the narrative result in further harm to the survivor and their community. Our goal was to avoid that outcome and protect any women impacted at all costs.

3. Anderson’s alleged problematic behavior predates this most recent case. We’ve

attempted to meet with Anderson and as of this date he has not responded.

4. We believe Black women. Full stop. Our involvement and statement aren’t motivated by anything other than our commitment to believe women who say they have been harmed and to prevent further harm.

We are not investigating or participating in any litigation, so this will be the last we comment publicly while the truth is sought and appropriate actions are taken. We will continue to be a fierce protector for our community, sexual assault and domestic violence survivors and connect them with community supports to help them heal and move forward. One of our main purposes since inception has been to support Black community and help pave a path to liberation.

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